Reintroducing *drumroll* The Smudge Spell! The Magical Way to Gift Personalized Spiritual Wellness Just Got Easier!

We launched Smudge Wellness earlier this year with a mission to bring you the world’s most beautiful modern spiritual wellness products, personalized and curated to your unique needs. We are in awe of how you have embraced our approach these last few months, especially when it comes to giving Smudge to others. Your heartfelt notes for your cherished ones have been full of joy, hope, at times sadness, kindness, and adoration -- and we have loved every second of delivering some Smudge spirited connection to them.

That’s why we are beyond excited to announce that Team Smudge has made gifting Smudge easier!  We are re-introducing our Smudge Spells, the perfect way to celebrate and reflect on all of life’s most important occasions, as incredible one-time gift packages. Take your pick from our Career, Life, Loss, Home, Health, Love, or Universal Spells. We’ll ask you a few questions about the recipient and use that information to personalize a magical bouquet of our favorite spiritual wellness picks -- the perfect crystals, smudge sticks, beauty products, ingestibles, and more -- delivered in our signature Smudge packaging along with all the relatable guidance one needs to focus their energy and intention.

Because we want to make sure Smudge Spells are accessible to everybody, we are offering each Spell in two sizes: our Full Moon version ($150) and our Crescent Moon version ($65). Both come with all the personalized touches that make Smudge so special, but contain different doses of Smudge depending on what you need.

For our beloved self-care gurus: Smudge Spells are perfect for you, too! We love hearing from those eager to dig into their own spiritual wellness practices. Cast a Spell inward when you are gearing up for a big life moment -- Team Smudge will give you all the goods to help you through.

Check out our new product page to get all the details on what’s in each of our Spells. Get ready to be the rockstar of gift-giving!


Team Smudge

Luigi Aldon