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We are thrilled to announce the official launch of Smudge Wellness today! We know many of you are curious about things like crystals, smudging, and essential oils, and you’re even more curious about what they can do for you. Team Smudge is here to take the mystery out of spiritual wellness -- while keeping the magic in!

Spiritual wellness is not a new concept and certainly not an idea that began with us. It is based on centuries of evolving theory and practice, across many cultures and around the globe. The kind of relationship we have with our mind, body, earth, universe, and with one another. A giant circle of energy that flows and charges more powerfully the more we keep it all in sync.

Team Smudge believes that no matter its flavor, the best spiritual wellness begins and ends with one basic concept: connection. Here’s a little more about what we’ll be offering and what we stand for...

The Dirt! The Deets! The Lowdown!

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When you give or get Smudge, you’re invited to start a Smudge Story, our general spiritual wellness product experience, or cast a Smudge Spell, six occasion-based experiences focused on a particular life milestone (such as a new baby or a housewarming).

Recipients are invited to complete the Smudge Personal Assessment, a combo of silly and serious questions that helps us learn more about what makes you tick. From there, each Story or Spell unfolds in a three-month-arc. Expect beautiful crystals, one-of-a-kind handcrafted tools, ahead-of-trend beauty products, and oh so much more.

A different theme each month helps you explore a new aspect of your spiritual wellness practice, using personalized guidance to show how each product applies to a different aspect of Smudge Spirited Connection. We’re obsessed with getting to know you, and with you getting to know more about yourself!

We’re Not Your Gurus

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We have a secret for you: here at Smudge Wellness, we don’t have it all figured out.  We’ve showed up to a dinner reservation a week late. We’ve dropped our phone in a lake while trying to take the perfect selfie. We’ve awakened on more than one occasion cursing the existence of tequila. We’ve regretted so very many “cute” haircuts, horizontal-striped t-shirt purchases, and all the second dates.

We are not experts at life -- and promise that we’ll never claim to be.

Smudge is not about us telling you what to do, or about giving you a one-size-fits-all formula to happiness. It’s about the simple idea that there exists a modern version of spiritual wellness personal to all of us that can be simple, gorgeous, and fun. We encourage you to dig below the surface and see what’s there. Because getting a little dirty can be a beautiful thing.


Some of this will feel totally weird. It was for us at first, too. But with practice and a little levity, what may have started as a punchline will become not only familiar, but also routine -- something to look forward to as part of a comfortable habit. Like a cup of coffee. Like a daily workout. Like that weekly catch-up with a best friend. Before you know it, you won’t be able to remember a time when spiritual wellness wasn’t part of your life.

Welcome to our world! Let’s make and spread some magic together.


Team Smudge

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