The sweet spell that will make your 2019 more magical

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Looking to shake things up next year? Same, girl. SAME. How about we start by throwing the old and dusty tradition of making New Year’s resolutions out the window. We’re people, not problems, so let’s stop using every January as a tally of what’s wrong with us. Instead, let’s focus on creating some big picture intentions that can spark some deep and meaningful personal growth. To-do lists are SO 2018. 2019 is the year of writing the why-are-we-doing-it list.

Good news -- this doesn’t have to be complicated! In fact, self-reflection can be simple, fun, and even a little mystical. Here’s the modern intention-setting spell Team Smudge will be doing this New Year’s Eve. Feel free to do this alone or with a group of people you care deeply about.

What you’ll need

  • A candle (white preferred but any color will do - just not black)

  • A smudge stick, such as cedar (fortifying) or white sage (cleansing)

  • Smudging dish and sand, for quieting the flame when you are done

  • A seeded sweet fruit (gummy worms will do the trick in a pinch!)

  • Paper and pen

  • Optional: Stevie Nicks-centric playlist (highly recommend)

Here’s the spell

First, find a table or flat surface where you can comfortably sit and write. Then, light the candle and place the fruit, smudge stick, and smudging dish near it. The candle serves as a perfect energy amplifier and enhances our ability to manifest and visualize - all while providing soft, gorgeous, and moody lighting. Next, light your smudge stick by holding it over the open flame until it begins to smolder and allow the smoke to fill your personal space. Now you’re prepared for some magic!

While eating the fruit -- which we use here to infuse your thoughts with the sweetness of a purposeful life -- start thinking about your intentions for the next year. Remember this is about breaking some boundaries. Get out of your comfort zone. Think boldly!

Write answers to the following three questions:

What do you want and need from the next year? A resolution might be to read 2 books a month; an intention is to live with more knowledge and wisdom. Don’t worry about whether you are going to succeed or fail.

What are some things you can do to help fulfill this intention? Write down 3-5 action items you can think of that will promote your intention. Don’t think of these as requirements or as must-dos. It’s simply a way to drill down your intention into tangible parts.

What are your power sources? One of the most valuable parts about writing intentions rather than resolutions is to realize that you are not alone. We all have resources that we can draw on for support and energy -- friends, family, crystals, a Real Housewives marathon all count. Write down what keeps you going.

Finally, take the seeds from the fruit (or your chosen sweet treat) and find a spot of dirt that you see or pass often. Bury the seeds there to serve as a reminder of the intention you will grow and cultivate throughout this year.

Extra Credit! Share your intentions and answers with the people you trust. The most profound changes have happened to us when we were willing to be open and vulnerable with the people that support us. It’s not a necessary part of the ritual, but might be that extra bit fairy dust to help you fly fiercely into 2019.

Happy New Year’s!

XO Team Smudge

We’ll be casting our spell on our Instagram @smudgewellness. Please share yours and be sure to tag us. Let’s create and spread some magic together!

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