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Luigi Aldon, Lara Corey and Chris Klotzbach

Luigi Aldon, Lara Corey and Chris Klotzbach

Smudge was born from the simple idea that there is a beautiful and accessible version of spiritual wellness that makes sense in our modern lives and helps make us feel more connected with ourselves and the world around us. We just need the tools and some relatable guidance -- and the occasional pop culture reference!  

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what we stand for


We are not experts and we will never claim to be. Modern spiritual wellness is about finding how this all fits together in your own life. We’ll tell you what has worked for other people and what has worked for us, but Smudge is all about helping you write your own story.


As a company we strive to walk the walk, particularly when it comes to our connection to the earth. We are committed to providing you the most eco-friendly product, using the highest quality recyclable or reusable materials we can find. We know that we can always do better, and will evolve our packaging when possible. Have a suggestion? Contact us at


We care about finding partners who we trust and are aligned with our mission of telling compelling stories through their products, including the materials they use and where they source them. Check out The Dirt for product and partner spotlights. Think you would make a good partner? We want to hear at you at


Digging below the surface to find out more about who we are and how we relate to everything around us can have its heavy moments. But also? It can be really fun. Like deep belly, laugh-until-you-cry, Kristen-Wiig-on-the-plane-in-Bridesmaids kind of fun. We’ll be here to remind you of that in everything we do.

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our people

The Smudge founders were also the first customers. Lara, Luigi, and Chris, long-time friends in San Francisco, bonded over their love for pop divas, a deep late night therapy sesh, and crystals. While they were discovering meaningful connection from using these stones and other tools, they found traditional guidance and spiritual wellness stores intimidating and wanted to do something about it. The first package of holiday Smudge was delivered in December of 2018.


Lara Corey, Co-Founder/CEO

Game-changing crystal: Malachite

Favorite movie witch: Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus

Go-to mindful moment song: Landslide, Fleetwood Mac


Luigi Aldon, Co-Founder/Head of Brand and Community

Game-changing crystal: Labradorite

Favorite movie witch: Hermione Granger in Harry Potter

Go-to mindful moment song: Superstar, Lauryn Hill


Chris Klotzbach, Co-founder/Head of Product

Game-changing crystal: Tiger’s Eye

Favorite movie witch: Sandra Bullock in Practical Magic

Go-to mindful moment song: Cosmic Love, Florence and the Machine